Stylish and Functional Self-Assembly IO Chair

Photos from LAComfy Discount Furniture Los Angeles

All people like reading, daydreaming or simply relaxing in a comfortable chair, and it’s a part of their lifestyle. The good news is that you can buy the IO Chair designed by Juan Ochoa at the FIDI that encourages you to indulge in your personal time.

Focus on its rounded and smooth corners because they provide this chair with quite a comfortable feel. Besides, its 2-toned wood adds more warmth to its look, thus, offering the transcendence that you are free to experience when sitting on this chair.


Juan Ochoa, the designer of the IO Chair, explains that it was created to allow consumers to spend time with themselves while reconnecting and disconnecting. What about its design name? The IO Chair is originated from the Italian word “lo”, which means “I”, so this name underlines the intended personal experience that is easy to find in this stylish furniture piece.

All users are provided with an excellent opportunity to enjoy their creative connection with this chair. Its assembly is simple and won’t take a lot of time because it consists of only 6 basic steps and required 9 bolts. It’s made from flat panels and bent plywood, and you should try to see and feel the creation of this Chair.


The best part is that this self-assembly system will let you participate in the process of its construction. Once you complete this task, you’ll create a deeper connection and get a sense of ownership to this chair that is well-known for its artistic integrity.

Author Ketty Denim, seller of antique and discount bedroom furniture

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