Oh Snap: Fastened Steel Legs Turn Found Items into Furniture

Transforming almost everything you find into useful household furniture, from shelf boxes and discarded doors up to dart boards, these attached supports can be removed or added within a minute.

Originally experimenting with clips, coat hangers and cards, two Spanish design students Maria Roca and Erika Biarnes (together: Be-Elastic) in Barcelona, created and developed this very system to be effective and efficient, strong and adaptable, combining straightforward usability with slim steel supports.

The true challenge was to create a robust thing that could also be simple and easy to convert on demand. At the time other clamp-based furniture items exist, this idea represents a many-sided and more creative, aesthetic and comparatively fast way to assemble and disassemble.

A unit of four legs is able to support a few hundred pounds, with the surface selection being more likely weight limitation rather than support’s capacity. However, only two sets can create a really working piece of furniture, such as a TV or side table leaning against one of the walls. The sets come in the combination of 16 colors (4 cable and 4 steel colors).

It is possible to attach the clamps to actually anything less than a few inches thick, including ¬†recycled objects of various sizes and shapes: “SNAP is created to fit all the sizes and shapes: rectangular, triangular or even irregular boards. It can also be placed wherever you prefer: on the sides in a chaotic way, orderly in the corner or wherever you want. It is your decision!”

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