Minimalist Furniture Item with a Strong Character: Twig Chair designed by Nendo

An outstanding designer Sayaka Ito working in the Japanese Nendo company sent us pictures and description of the brand-new Twig Chair, a minimalist furniture item with a strong personality. As Italian Alias furniture brand specializes in furniture produced from aluminum, the concept was to create an exclusive chair made of aluminum “twigs” and a seat. The aluminum scheme is the same as in all the chairs, though five upper portion sets variations have diverse forms, shades and materials. An impressive selection of different forms and seats is carried out by fitting these sets onto the four legs in order to from a T-shape on the top of each leg, link sections or add a low or high backrest.

Minimalist Furniture Item  -3

The seat material selection varies greatly and includes fabrics, plastic and wood. Having the upper side or seta removed, the aluminum cages of numerous seats can be piled. The patterns in the series of Twig Comfort display chairs in bright and glistening lacquered tight ash wood.



Minimalist Furniture Item - 2



Minimalist Furniture Item -5

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