Immense White Frames Inflect Flash within the Cosmic Building

Bizarre overlapping levels that define this strange “Cosmic Building” created by Fukuyama-based UID Architects are indispensable to the design.

Immense White Frames Inflect Flash within the Cosmic Building

A perfect mix of open and enclosed spaces across two layers creates an intimate and private relationship with seasonal and daily changes. Closed and open rectangles feature a successful series of ever-shifting rooms. The effect from the view can be defined as almost harmonic. Here long skylight is created with a high frame that is centered on two lower ones. A living room appears only a few steps down the garden courtyard, that is still kept within one frame scheme.

Cosmic Building

The forms shape terraces that enhance the inside and living rooms that are easily reachable from many small gardens.


The excitement from sunlight washing these frames create the view of a kitchen set in a natural forest.


Every space is personally joined with nature.


Besides, the connection with the city and other inhabitants is also preserved, though distanced.


The captivating light quality within the frames is diffused and peaceful.


Every separate frame highlights different scents, sounds, breezes and light around the site.


As the result, the place is a completely exclusive home with a personal and intimate relationship with its furnishing and setting.

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