Functionality and Simplicity of DNA Benches

The DNA bench was developed by Debora Mansur and Leonardo Rossano (True Design). As its name implies, this design was inspired by the DNA molecule. This engaging furniture piece is created for public spaces. Want to add more originality to them? This benchdesign is your answer.

design-modern-bench ideas-modern-bench modern-bench-5

There are other DNA inspired furniture designs. The Watson table and MyDNA bookcase are some of the most popular projects. They were developed by James Watson and Joel Escalona who did their best to benefit from the DNA structure. However, we think that this bench design is more original and has other interesting characteristics.

Designers Rossano and Mansur were inspired by biogenetics. Their DNA bench has clean lines and simple elegance. Its straightforward design creates a tailored solution and comfortable seating configurations. Each section of curved plywood creates an original assembly of a helix form. Don’t forget about a functional leg frame cause it supports personal storage elements. The DNA bench is simple, functional, and can add elegance to any complex environment. Why not enjoy its concept of clarity and design? Finally, this furniture piece is suitable for multiple users at once.

modern-bench-8 modern-bench-10 modern-bench-11

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