Fascinating Mixture of Wood and Coffee in the Exclusive Coffee Table Created by Johnhoushmand

This unique wood and steel coffee table was specially designed by Johnhoushmand on request of Neiman Marcus. The item created impressed not only the customer, but the master himself as it looked like a real masterpiece. Constructed of stainless steel with the majestic slab of dark walnut wood, the coffee table will decorate even the simplest and the most indiscernible room. Every slab was chosen to fit the characteristics and fragments within the wood. Different variants of this coffee table and actually slabs on it are in the process now, so diversity of the glorious item is expected soon.

Though it will get in the ‘repetition work’, each coffee table remains unmatchable and unrepeatable due to the wood part inside that differs anyway. Elevate the modest look of your room with this elegant and smart table. Add a small coffee table to fulfil the design of your room, irrespective of its being city or country, modern or old-time, simple or extravagant. It will be the table to change your room. No matter how expensive or unusual your lamp, cabinet and sofa are, the table will definitely be the main focus.

steel-and-wood-coffee-table-by-johnhoushmand-3-thumb-630xauto-55504 steel-and-wood-coffee-table-by-johnhoushmand-2-thumb-630xauto-55502

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