CATable by RuanHao: Share the Surface

Created by Chinese designer RuanHao an imaginative and, no doubt, useful piece of furniture, CATable, is sure to become the item that both cat and its owner could appreciate greatly. Designed to specifically satisfy two major needs peculiar to all cats, exploring and sleeping, the table reflects a currently dominant trend of sharing the space you reside in with your pets. Hollows, passageways, nooks and crannies – CATable features everything that your fluffy friend can be grateful for, even if it is hardly able to express anything like that.


Having thought the project through the designer managed to solve two major problems that all people having pet-cats were usually forced to deal with: how to make your lovely yet a bit annoying pet find another place to favor rather than that on and around your laptop and how to satisfy so much common to cats peculiarity of systematic, thorough and careful exploring, which seems pretty much like poking their noses into each and every hollow. CATable is perfectly able to not only solve both problems but become the item that is neither only yours nor your cat’s, but belongs to both. The designer himself characterizes the table as a paradise for cats and certainly a table for both.


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