Stylish and Functional Self-Assembly IO Chair

Photos from LAComfy Discount Furniture Los Angeles All people like reading, daydreaming or simply relaxing in a comfortable chair, and it’s a part of their lifestyle. The good news is that you can buy the IO Chair designed by Juan Ochoa at the FIDI that encourages you to indulge in your personal time. Focus on

CATable by RuanHao: Share the Surface

Created by Chinese designer RuanHao an imaginative and, no doubt, useful piece of furniture, CATable, is sure to become the item that both cat and its owner could appreciate greatly. Designed to specifically satisfy two major needs peculiar to all cats, exploring and sleeping, the table reflects a currently dominant trend of sharing the space

Functionality and Simplicity of DNA Benches

The DNA bench was developed by Debora Mansur and Leonardo Rossano (True Design). As its name implies, this design was inspired by the DNA molecule. This engaging furniture piece is created for public spaces. Want to add more originality to them? This benchdesign is your answer. There are other DNA inspired furniture designs. The Watson

Minimalist Furniture Item with a Strong Character: Twig Chair designed by Nendo

An outstanding designer Sayaka Ito working in the Japanese Nendo company sent us pictures and description of the brand-new Twig Chair, a minimalist furniture item with a strong personality. As Italian Alias furniture brand specializes in furniture produced from aluminum, the concept was to create an exclusive chair made of aluminum “twigs” and a seat.

Immense White Frames Inflect Flash within the Cosmic Building

Bizarre overlapping levels that define this strange “Cosmic Building” created by Fukuyama-based UID Architects are indispensable to the design. A perfect mix of open and enclosed spaces across two layers creates an intimate and private relationship with seasonal and daily changes. Closed and open rectangles feature a successful series of ever-shifting rooms. The effect from

Fascinating Mixture of Wood and Coffee in the Exclusive Coffee Table Created by Johnhoushmand

This unique wood and steel coffee table was specially designed by Johnhoushmand on request of Neiman Marcus. The item created impressed not only the customer, but the master himself as it looked like a real masterpiece. Constructed of stainless steel with the majestic slab of dark walnut wood, the coffee table will decorate even the

Impressive Adult DIY Furniture Kits from Meccano Toymaker

If you are, like most people, impressed by modular Meccano products featuring influence of IKEA resourcefulness, you should look through their new line of do-it-yourself furniture items inspired by their miniature equivalents modeled for kids. This series of Meccano Home furniture manufactured in France comprises the elements, like surfaces, struts, connectors and bolts, similar to

Oh Snap: Fastened Steel Legs Turn Found Items into Furniture

Transforming almost everything you find into useful household furniture, from shelf boxes and discarded doors up to dart boards, these attached supports can be removed or added within a minute. Originally experimenting with clips, coat hangers and cards, two Spanish design students Maria Roca and Erika Biarnes (together: Be-Elastic) in Barcelona, created and developed this